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Why does my Petzl ID snag and prevent me from taking up slack to the load prior to a lower?

Most likely the loaded section of the line is catching on the anti-error catch where the load line enters the body of the ID. This is a safety feature of the ID to prevent free-falling loads if the ID is … Continue reading

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Why does my trusty old Petzl ID allow rope to continue feeding during a lower or rappel even after I have locked it off in work positioning mode?

The answer may be in the description “trusty old”. The ID has a wear indicator cast into the friction bobbin. It is located at the top of the bobbin on the side of the bobbin that the swinging side plate … Continue reading

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Why does the carbon monoxide sensor indicate the presence of CO when there is no potential for CO in the atmosphere?

Several of the current electro/mechanical CO sensors will give a false indication of CO when exposed to solvents and especially when exposed to isopropyl alcohol. If the potential for CO presence can be definitively ruled out, consider using an atmospheric … Continue reading

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Tim Robson, Chief Instructor/NM Site Manager

Tim Robson joined Roco full-time in 1996 after working as a professional firefighter and a member of the Heavy Rescue Team for the Albuquerque Fire Department. As a Chief Instructor for Roco, Tim teaches a variety of emergency response courses … Continue reading

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OSHA Sites Company Following Trench Death

Driving around your town, how many times have you seen workers in a trench working totally unprotected?  As an emergency responder, are you aware of the imminent dangers around these trenches and do you know how to protect yourself should … Continue reading

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