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Physical Training Prepares Miners for Rescue

SANTIAGO, CHILE – After nearly two months trapped in a collapsed copper mine, 33 miners begin training Monday for the final chapter of their underground odyssey: escape. As three simultaneous rescue operations slowly drill through 2,250 feet of solid rock, … Continue reading

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To Pre-rig, or not to Pre-rig?

We received an interesting question about pre-rigged systems from one of our subscribers. The TechPanel had some helpful comments to share, so we have re-posted the info here. It’s a great topic. Here are some things to consider about leaving … Continue reading

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Are safety lines required in an actual rescue?

This question was submitted by Thomas Vitti from the Chevron Fire Dept. in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the event of an actual rescue is a safety line necessary? Good question… the answer is YES and NO. This question falls … Continue reading

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Richie Pohl, Chief Instructor

Richard Pohl began working with Roco Rescue at the turn of the century. It’s 10+ years and it still seems like yesterday. Time flies. After spending 22 years with the Albuquerque Fire Department, he joined Roco Rescue as a full-time … Continue reading

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Volunteer firefighters involved in a well-rescue violated state labor laws

As reported by SETH SLABAUGH, September 9, 2010, in MUNCIE, INDIANA — The heroic confined-space rescue efforts of Liberty Township volunteer firefighters on May 26 has landed them in hot water. State officials say the volunteers violated occupational safety … Continue reading

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BP Rescue Team trains in Baton Rouge

The rescue team from the BP deep water oil platform Nakika trained last week at the Roco Training Center in Baton Rouge. Pictured here is the team with Roco Instructors Russ Kellar and Keith Pridgen and Roco President/CEO Kay Goodwyn. The … Continue reading

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