Rescue Challenge Spring 2011 Teams

Exxon Plastics Team

Exxon Plastics Team (Baton Rouge) Left to Right: Donnie Myers, Jerry Fugler, Joey Ray, David Smith, Mike Rounds, Lane Norwood, Brian Rounds, John Adams, Bobby Longmire, Curt Lyons.


Lion Oil Team (Arkansas) Left to Right: Carroll Gadberry, James Cates, Chris Thomas, DeAnn Cates, Keith Pridgen, Joe Cates, Steve Ellis, Todd Thompson, Randy Rich. Not Pictured: Kevin Clark


Tesoro Team (Hawaii) Left to Right Standing: Darryle Matsumiya, Jimmy Lum, Don Glatt, Chevis English, Paul Stover. Kneeling: Robert Hoffman, Chris Brown.


Valero Team (California) Left to Right: Mark Politan, Tom Tave, Marcelino Cortez, Nelson Juarez, Travis Pillars, Bill Hardison, Bill Myers, Miguel Garcia, Jim Anderson, Al Estrada.

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