Rescue I – Plus Starts 2012 at RTC

Learning the ropes with a few good men… and women proved to be a great experience for over 35 beginning rescue students. Roco kicked off the year with a bang at the Roco Training Center in Baton Rouge, where 5 days of training provided powerful skill sets for this diverse group of students who took the class the week of February 6. Here are some of the action shots we captured. Recognize any of these stars? They’re all celebs in our book!

Single click on the picture you want to begin viewing at full size, then use the lightly colored silver arrows on either side of the picture to scroll through images!

About Rescue Talk

Rescue Talk is a group of seasoned rescue professionals and communicators providing relevant content to the rescue community, primarily through Roco Rescue OnLine. Rescue Talk and Roco Rescue OnLine are owned by Roco Rescue, Inc. These assets have been created as a resource for sharing insightful information, news, views and commentary for our students and other rescuers.
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