Here are a few facts on the SKED Stretcher straight from Skedco.  We’ve used the SKED for decades here at Roco and it still proves to be one of the most dependable, versatile pieces of gear out there – especially for confined space work. 

Q: What does “SKED” stand for?

A: Though we spell it with capital letters, SKED is not an acronym. It came from fusing two words: “Sled” and “Skid”. The early idea behind the product was that it was a SLED that SKIDDED across all types of terrain. Initially, the SKED was used as a game carrier to tote wild game back to a hunter’s camp. It has since morphed into the life-saving device that’s used today across the globe. Like many iconic products that are the first of its kind in the market, the brand has come to epitomize the thing itself. The original SKED. First and still the best.

Q: When does the SKED stretcher need to be replaced?

A: There is no time limit on when the SKED needs to be replaced because different rescue professionals use it in different ways for different lengths of time. If there is any damage to your stretcher please reevaluate if you should be using it. If you have questions, please call us for assistance.

Q: What should I do if my SKED is missing a grommet?

A: Skedco uses two grommets that are found at any local hardware store. There are two different sizes: the smaller grommet is a size 3 and the larger is a size 5.

Q: What should I do if the straps on my SKED are starting to fray?

A: There are replaceable straps – the SK-208c. The SKED-EVAC Aluminum Side Release Buckle Conversion Kit features Austrian made Skedco/Cobra side release buckles. These buckles are dependable and strong enough to meet the needs of securing a patient into a SKED stretcher without the danger of breaking the buckle.

NOTE: We do not sell the buckles that originally come with the SKED because they need to be sewn onto the unit. If you would like to have the same buckles you will need to purchase a new SKED.

Q: What is the SKED’s maximum weight allowance?

A: The most the SKED has ever carried is a 1300 lb individual. Please read the entire story found in the SK-200-OR product description page under “Heavy Duty”. How much weight can you hoist with your SKED?

Q: What are the measurements of the SKED?

A: Rolled into a Cordura backpack: 9 inch diameter x 36 inch length laid out flat: 3 feet x 8 feet.

Q: What is the temperature range?

A: The SKED plastic begins to melt between 450 degrees F and 500 degrees F. You can also use it down to negative 120 degrees F without becoming brittle.

Request a free copy of Roco’s New 2012 Training and Equipment Catalog, which features Skedco products, by calling 1-800-647-7626. 

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