Welcome to our BLOG!


The Roco Rescue Blog has moved to our main website at www.RocoRescue.com

We have over 200 rescue-related articles on our blog and are constantly working to bring you the most relevant content in the industry!

Use the search feature on our new site to find links to great info on your topic of interest. Plus, training and equipment resources at your fingertips on any web device.

In order to better communicate with our family of rescue professionals around the world, we have developed this BLOG. Roco Rescue OnLine is a place to share ideas, thoughts, and comments about anything related to rescue. The sooner you get started, the more beneficial it will be.

Please join our E-community to receive updates and tips about rescue. Use the sign up form in the right column to Join Roco Rescue OnLine. By all means, let us know what’s on your mind through comments and posts to Roco Rescue OnLine. Enjoy.


9 Responses to Welcome to our BLOG!

  1. Kay G. says:

    Thanks, Saul, for reading our blog – glad you find it helpful. If you have any topics in mind, be sure to let us know! KG

  2. saulp19 says:

    Thanks for the site. Its very informative and look forward to learning more about rescue as well as the people on this site.

    Saul Paredes
    Safety Tech/Supervisor
    Safety Solutions
    Midland, TX

  3. Kay G. says:

    Thanks so much, Darrell. We look forward to being back in Beaumont and working with BEST. Hope you can join us for Rescue Challenge coming up in October — either as a Rescue Team or as an observer. Please let us know what you’d like to read more about in our Blog. Stay safe.

  4. Darrell Duhon says:

    Interesting Blog! Looking forward to reading more. Also good to see ROCO and BEST working together. Having worked for BEST a few years back and having attended ROCO classes in the past, I see the partnership as nothing but a positive! A good opportunity for people to obtain training who might not otherwise be able to. Good luck with!

    Darrell Duhon
    Emergency Response Specialist
    Lake Charles Refinery

  5. Unditsrinny says:

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  6. Charles Bevel says:

    Thanks for this site it I think it can be very informative resource.

  7. Michelle Rivere says:

    Thanks, Ted! As Kay said, we are so thrilled about our Blog and eager to share information and updates to help you “Stay in the Loop!” We encourage and appreciate your comments!

  8. klg2010 says:

    Thanks so much, Ted! We’re really excited about our Blog and the great opportunity to share news within the rescue community. Please stay in touch and let us know what’s going on with you and your rescue team! Kay G.

  9. Ted Zeringue says:

    Good job on this Blog site!
    This will be a very useful and informative resourse for those in this business!
    Thanks for sharing with us, as I will inform all of my Rescue team members for their viewing.

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