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Multiple Confined Space Entries

QUESTION: What is required for making multiple confined space entries, and can an Attendant/Hole Watch monitor more than one entry at a time? ANSWER: Good question! And, the answer is YES according to OSHA 1910.146. However, each space must be … Continue reading

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Is relying on my local fire department in compliance with OSHA 1910.146?

Often the question comes up about using a local fire department for confined space rescue coverage in an industrial facility; and if it would be in compliance with OSHA 1910.146? In addition to the proper evaluation of the prospective rescue … Continue reading

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What does it mean when my atmospheric monitor gives negative or minus readings?

At some point, most atmospheric monitors will display a “negative” or minus reading for a flammable gas or toxic contaminant. First of all, it is not actually possible for an atmosphere to contain a “negative amount” of a substance. These … Continue reading

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Municipal Response to Permit-Required Confined Spaces

A blog reader, who is a member of a municipal rescue team assigned to an airport, expressed concern about fulfilling “timely response” obligations for permit-required confined space entries within his district. Here are some suggestions from our Tech Panel… First … Continue reading

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Is a “tailboard briefing” enough prior to a confined space entry?

We had this question from a reader and wanted to post for all to read. Would a proper tailboard briefing conducted before a confined space entry be sufficient for identifying hazards that may be encountered by the entrants or the rescue team? It’s true that a tailboard briefing … Continue reading

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Are safety lines required in an actual rescue?

This question was submitted by Thomas Vitti from the Chevron Fire Dept. in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the event of an actual rescue is a safety line necessary? Good question… the answer is YES and NO. This question falls … Continue reading

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