Safety Services

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Roco’s Contracted Stand-by Rescue Teams provide OSHA compliance and so much more…

The environment in a confined space can change in an instant. Don’t be caught unprepared when lives are on the line!

Contracted Stand=by Rescue TeamsConfidence comes from providing capable, experienced rescue services for your workers who must enter confined spaces. Sometimes, outsourcing that rescue service is the safest, most practical solution.

Our professional rescue teams are made up of certified Confined Space Rescue Technicians (NFPA 1006), who meet OSHA qualifications for entrant, attendant, supervisor and entry rescue. These personnel are First Aid/CPR certified and trained in hazard recognition, communications, breathing equipment, personal protective equipment and self-rescue.

Rescue Stand-by
Rescue Preplans
Safety Observations & Interventions
Permit Writing & Issuance
Atmospheric Monitoring for Hot Work & Process Area Access
First Aid/CPR Response Support
Fall Protection Support
Rope Access Assistance

With more than 28 years of industrial experience, Roco can bring safe, effective and compliant rescue services to your job site.

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