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Here’s what’s happening in the real world of rescue.

The Roco Rescue Blog has Moved!

The Roco Rescue Blog has moved to our main website at – We have over 200 rescue-related articles on our blog and are constantly working to bring you the most relevant content in the industry!

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A stingray, my teenager and special care from the Fort Morgan VFD

So many communities and sleepy villages across America rely on their local volunteer fire departments for first responding. It is a critical service that saves lives, and a lot of pain in the world. In my case, the Fort Morgan … Continue reading

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‘What pride to be Chilean’: Rescue effort galvanizes Chilean citizens

By Greg Botelho, CNN October 13, 2010 3:40 p.m. EDT …Copiapo, which could have been the site of mass mourning had the miners’ rescue effort gone awry, instead became home to a patriotic festival. The strong national pride was omnipresent: … Continue reading

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Volunteer firefighters involved in a well-rescue violated state labor laws

As reported by SETH SLABAUGH, September 9, 2010, in MUNCIE, INDIANA — The heroic confined-space rescue efforts of Liberty Township volunteer firefighters on May 26 has landed them in hot water. State officials say the volunteers violated occupational safety … Continue reading

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Fort Worth Firefighters Quickly Switch Gears to Perform Trench Rescue

Tom Vines, rescue author, shares this incredible report posted on FireFighter Nation. Firefighters often arrive at the scene of a rescue only to find that the situation is completely different from what the 911 call reported. This was the case … Continue reading

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Send us your REAL Rescue stories!

When real-life disasters strike, your rescue skills are put to the test. Stories and photos of successful rope rescues (as well as lessons learned) can be extremely valuable to other rescuers. Share your story with us! If it’s selected for … Continue reading

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